It’s been a while since we have posted on the blog so here’s a new one!  As we enter the fall of 2012 we are excited about the direction we are heading.  We are excited about the OneLife Movement and challenge of everyone praying for and inviting one friend to our Sunday church service and other ways of getting involved.  Today I read a great article that is on the same lines that we have been on with regards to reaching out to people in the community.  It’s a great, short and sweet read – CLICK HERE  to do so.

May you be encouraged and challenged by this article and may God continue to use you as a deliverer of his divine truths to those who don’t know him.

Invite Me…

As we quickly approach the 2012 Easter season I’m reminded of the power of “the invitation.”  We have been blessed with a lot of new faces around OneLife Community Church but many of those people have come from driving by our place and wondering what’s going on inside.  Others have seen our signs out on the streets or have come to other extra activities that are connected to us, like the PJ Party, Martial Art Classes, rentals, conferences hosted at our place, etc.  How many have come because you or I or better yet “we” have invited them?  There is great power in being invited to something.  I wanted to challenge us all to prayerfully consider those friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc. that you know that you could invite to OneLife.  Our 2012 Easter service will start on April 1st with our Palm Sunday service starting at 10:30am.  It will have some super cute kids involved in it that you won’t want to miss along with great music, teaching, and more.  And then on April 8th we will have our 2012 Easter Celebration Service again starting at 10:30am.  This will be a all out celebration of the risen Christ!  Great music, teaching, festive activities for kids of all ages, awesome coffee and refreshments, and more.  Thanks in advance for your active participation in praying for our service and inviting others to join us in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Road Trip Ponderings & Godspell

As I sat reading through Matthew I was struck with two things…

1.     The stories I remember best from Matthew are the ones I heard over and over when I was a little girl. It just reiterated to me how very important it is to raise up our young ones in the Word, and not just the “feel good stories” or the “fun stories” but ALL of them!

2.     As I was reading I kept hearing songs over and over from the musical “Godspell”. For those of you who might not know, “Godspell” is a musical written in the 1970’s based on the Gospel of Matthew. I would continually run across scripture that had been turned into lyrics for the musical. I was struck by how powerful music can be. Even though I don’t remember the last time I listened too or saw “Godspell” those songs came flooding back. I am not saying we need to only listen to Christian music, I am simply saying we should be aware of what we are daily flooding into our system and how it can effect us.

Just some Road Trip ponderings.

OneLife Elder Jessica Brady