Dwell – Night Of Worship

Question: Dwell – what is it about?

Answer: A great new evening worship service you should come and join!

When: First Sunday of the Month, 6.30-8pm.

Where: Downstairs in The Commons, at OneLife Community Church

Is There Childcare Provided? Yes!

Dwell provides an informal evening of worship, prayer and time for reflection on our relationship with God. We want to foster a space to encounter God, to listen and share with each other.  We want to encourage an active relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit through song, prayer, and silent reflection.

The words from the song Dwell’s chorus sum up what we are seeking:

Dwell in the midst of us
Come and dwell in this place
Dwell in the midst of us
Come and have Your way

Not our will, but Yours be done
Come and change us
Not our will, but Yours be done
Come sustain us

The next Dwell is on Sunday April 1st.  Come and join us!

Invite Me…

As we quickly approach the 2012 Easter season I’m reminded of the power of “the invitation.”  We have been blessed with a lot of new faces around OneLife Community Church but many of those people have come from driving by our place and wondering what’s going on inside.  Others have seen our signs out on the streets or have come to other extra activities that are connected to us, like the PJ Party, Martial Art Classes, rentals, conferences hosted at our place, etc.  How many have come because you or I or better yet “we” have invited them?  There is great power in being invited to something.  I wanted to challenge us all to prayerfully consider those friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc. that you know that you could invite to OneLife.  Our 2012 Easter service will start on April 1st with our Palm Sunday service starting at 10:30am.  It will have some super cute kids involved in it that you won’t want to miss along with great music, teaching, and more.  And then on April 8th we will have our 2012 Easter Celebration Service again starting at 10:30am.  This will be a all out celebration of the risen Christ!  Great music, teaching, festive activities for kids of all ages, awesome coffee and refreshments, and more.  Thanks in advance for your active participation in praying for our service and inviting others to join us in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ!