Better Is One Day…[a word received]

tumblr_megygiT72l1qb18sio1_500Last Sunday April 26th 2015 Barbara Merklinghaus a long time member of OneLife Community Church received a word from God to share with the church.  It was shared during the first service but not the second due to her not being able to be there.  We wanted to make sure everyone got the opportunity to hear it, ponder it, and respond.  The words that follow were written by Barb as a recap of what was shared.

A couple of weeks ago I prayed a little prayer asking God to speak to me. As I was getting ready for work a few days latter I remembered this seemingly random verse from the book of Psalm. The verse was Psalm 84:10 which says, “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.”

That verse was on my mind for the next week.  I read it over and over, as well as chapter 84 from Psalms finding it encouraging and uplifting.  When Sunday morning came I felt pretty good about being at church thinking this was the best place for me to be that morning.
During the worship time I could not stop thinking about Psalm 84:10.  I started thinking about the thousand days and how that works out to be about three and a half years.  What had I done and where had I been in the last three and a half years?  Well, I had been to the Grand Canyon, Grand Teton National Park,  Banff, and Lake Louise.  In my job as a nurse I get to witness births and take care of newborns and their families. I felt like I had been to these beautiful places and have a great job that I go to almost every day yet God was saying, “one day in my courts” is better than all these things!
Sometimes God speaks to us and we aren’t sure if it is just for us or to be shared.  After speaking with Greg it seemed appropriate to share with the body of OneLife Community Church.  There is no shaming or guilt in this message rather an encouragement that being in “his courts” is a great place to be. It is better than all the places we have been in the last thousand days. To read all of Psalm 84 click HERE  –  Written and shared by Barbara Merklinghaus
We would love to hear from you about this word.  If you have questions, thoughts, comments, please feel free to contact us. We hope that you hear an echo of the goodness and importance of being present and participating with us on Sunday.  We look forward to seeing you all this weekend as we continue in our Women In The Bible sermon series.

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