Rhythm Sermon Series – Live

For our last sermon in our Rhythms series we looked at the practice of living which is very much a summary or an all inclusive type of practice that we hope will help us to once again rethink what this great commission looks like in the day to day, and also lead us into the Advent season!

If you missed Rich’s sermon you can here it by clicking HERE.

The text we spent our time in was…

JOHN 12:25 25 Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

*  In it we looked at the word “hate” which is better translated surrender

*  We looked at the word “life” which shows up 3 times in one sentence.  We found out after looking closely at the text that the word translated life all three times is actually two different words in the Greek and the both mean something very different.  Jesus was making a comparison between two different kinds of life.

*  The first two times the word “life” is used is the Greek word “psyche” which is all the ever-changing circumstances of life such as your job, living situation, relationships, finances, family, school, your health, clothes, stress, and problems. All the stuff that we would see as making up our life is our psyche.  And by its nature it is always changing and it has a beginning and an end to it.

*  The third use of the word “life” is the Greek word “zoe” which is NOT about the ever changing things of life.  Zoe is about your existence itself – the very gift, the miracle of an existence, OF LIFE.  To be alive regardless of what happens in the psyche life is zoe.  And in contrast this has no beginning & no end. Zoe life is perfectly continuous, unchanging, immovable, and it’s unaffected by the things of life – psyche.  And it is not something you get when you die — you get it when you are born.

Jesus is making a comparison/contrast between these two…

We looked at a number of examples to help us picture this.  One of those being the SUN VS. PICTURE OF THE SUN – If Zoe is the sun then Psyche is a picture of the sun. If you were in a dark place in need of light or warmth – If we look at the picture expecting warmth, we will surely be disappointed.  IN OTHER WORDS – IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR LIGHT YOU’LL FIND IT IN THE SUN – NOT THE PICTURE OF IT

There was a lot more that we discussed that was really challenging to me as I studied this crazy text.  Like what is eternal zoe,  Is one of these two types of life better then the other, and how do you put this practice of truly living life as God intends in our day to day.  I hope you get a chance to listen, ponder, and wrestle with it.   For now here are the connection cards we looked at as we ended our series.


  1. How has the idea of eternal life as you know it affected the way you live your day to day life?
  2. What do you do that helps connect you to a Zoe life?
  3. Name a chaotic storm in your life right now and then think of what, in your Psyche life, you need to surrender to in order to allow your Zoe life to become your reality.
  4. List any things in your Psyche life that you have let come before God.

To God be the glory!

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