Retreat follow up: Listening and Testimony

10410687_10204621063662396_8360415594539527457_nWe just returned from our annual all church retreat at the wonderful Lakeside Bible Camp on Whidbey Island (morning mist on the lake pictured). We spent the weekend exploring and practicing the life rhythms of Listening and Testimony. If you were not able to make it to the retreat and would like to listen to the sessions we will have them up on line at this link soon. There were a lot of great things shared at over the weekend and some of you may have things that you want to share from the retreat or in response to the retreat. This blog would be a fantastic place to share those things. Here is an image that Lauren Heerschap had during the Sunday morning session.

“I want to share an image that came to mind before and during Greg’s sermon on Sunday at the church retreat.  As I prayed before the sermon, the American Sign Language sign (ASL) for “trust” came to mind.  I have taught ASL, and when teaching this sign I describe it as grabbing onto a thick rope with both hands on top of each other and then pulling down. See video:

As Greg was teaching, I thought about this rope.  The Lord reminded me of a rope swing from my childhood.  The rope was so thick that my hands could not clasp all the way around it, and it had a big knot at the bottom that you could sit on. Kids would run way back with the rope, and then hoist themselves up to straddle on the knot and swing out over a cliff with the beach below.  You had to trust in the strength of that rope.

Our church is like that rope – made from myriads of fibers – each of us individually is weak by ourselves, but when we are bound together, by the Holy Spirit, we are very strong, and can carry others.  God is calling us to reach up and trust Him, and reach out into our fellowship, to each other, for strength.  We can take risks (like swinging out over a cliff) when we trust each other, and trust God.”

Many blessings and please share your thoughts and responses from the retreat!

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