Rhythms Sermon Series – Slow

We spent this last Sunday, October 26th, exploring a biblical and life reality of slowness. Here is a link to the sermon if you missed it or want to go back and listen to it again.

Each week end our sermons with some questions for further reflection. Here are the questions for this mornings sermon:

1. What did we explore this morning that resonated with you?

2. Do you feel like your life is moving too slow, too fast, or some mix of the two?

3. How do you respond when your life feels too fast?

4. What is one thing you could realistically do that would help you slow down?

We used a clip from a documentary television series called “The Long Way Down.” You can find it for rental on Hulu, or at Amazon.

Here are also a couple of good books that I can recommend for more insight on this topic:

Slow ChurchJohn Pattison, C. Christopher Smith

In Praise of SlowCarl Honore


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