Rhythms Sermon Series – Celebrate :: Rejoice

This weeks sermon from our Rhythms series was on the practice of CELEBRATION & REJOICING

If you missed it you can listen to it HERE and below are the reflection/connection card questions to ponder.


As we end I’d like to invite you to pull out your connection cards & invite the worship team forward.

We are at the SO WHAT component of our time. What do we do with this? How do we incorporate this rhythm into our day to day life? What does this look like?

Think about something important to you that had once been lost but then later was found. How did you react? My guess is you celebrated! You rejoiced. You told people. Just the other day my daughter Gladys found her mp3 player that she had gotten for Christmas. She had been looking for it for months. When I walked in the house that day she screamed from up stairs DADDY I FOUND IT. She came running down to show me and was singing and dancing and you couldn’t help but join in!

QUESTION:  What if we celebrated more openly our foundness and our carriedness?

When we get lost driving someplace and eventually find the place we are looking for. We are more prone to help others find it and not get lost too. Right maybe a bunch of people you know are trying to get to a wedding out in the middle of nowhere say like Woodinville or Everett and you finally figure it out. You then started texting or calling your friends making sure they don’t turn left, but right or that they follow this road vs. that one. You want to help them not be lost too.

QUESTION: What if we shared with others the turns we made in our life towards God and finding him and the difference it makes?

When you are at a party that is incredible where the food is perfect, the setting is beautiful, the people are interesting, the music is moving, etc. and you know that others could be there YOU WANT TO INVITE THEM.

I remember a couple of years ago back at our previous building we had a public indoor play space that we ran for the community and quite often Dave Matthews son came with the nanny which was cool. But one day Dave brought his son. He stayed for like 2 hours and you initially wanted to start taking pictures and telling everyone to get over here to see and participate in this. And this was just to see someone kind of famous. It wasn’t even a party.

QUESTION: What if we who have experienced the celebration and the rejoicing of the party that God has for us actually told others about it and even better invited them to check it out?

As we end I’d like to ask you to answer a question or two on your connection card…

  1. What part of our conversation did you connect with most? The idea that we are all lost, that God is not mad at us, that God is pursuing us, or that the party is for everyone who is lost [which is everyone] and it is happening right now and why?
  2. What’s keeping you from turning towards God and experiencing being found, carried, and celebrated?
  3. Who might you be called to invite to this party?

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