Connecting with Thomas – Encounters With God Sermon Series

Albrecht_Dürer_-_Doubting_Thomas_(NGA_1943.3.3665)This last Sunday we looked at a character, a disciple, one of the 12 people closest to Jesus, who has gone down in history as DOUBTING THOMAS – He is known, named, and remembered in our biblical history as… “THE ONE WHO DOUBTED THE RESURRECTION”

His name has actually been coined and put in the dictionary.

“a doubting Thomas” — is defined as “a person who refuses to believe without proof”

The disciples basically came and reported to Thomas that they had seemed the unbelievable and Thomas didn’t believe it. They said they saw Jesus alive. Well, Thomas saw him alive until late the previous Friday afternoon where Thomas also saw him dead. It was now Sunday afternoon — and Thomas’ response was, “Seeing is believing,” and until I see something different from what I have already seen, I will not believe a word of what you say.

Thomas wanted tangible proof of Jesus’ resurrection. He had this kind of proof of Jesus’ death. He was there. He wanted the same proof of the claim that Jesus, had been seen alive. For Thomas there was no doubt that Jesus was dead, and he had every reason to doubt that Jesus was alive.Yet, for his honesty, he has gone down in history as “doubting Thomas” — the man who doubted the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And the term “doubting Thomas” has negative connotations to this day.

BUT SHOULD IT?  As we studied this story, his doubt seemed very understandable. The hope in considering all the evidence about Thomas was to help us see Thomas in a different light and hopefully as a result see ourselves and our doubts before God in a different light as well.

In short…God welcomes our honest doubts and more often then not our honest doubts are the places that eventually become our places of strongest convictions and beliefs.

The word doubt is the greek word apistos pronounced AWE–PE-STAS [πιστος ::  Lexicon :: Strong’s G571]  and it can absolutely be translated doubt, but more often is translated, without faith, faithless, unbelieving

WHAT WE FOUND – all the disciples were referred to as AWEPESTAS – faithless, unbelieving, doubters…NOT JUST THOMAS.


1.  What role does doubt play in your faith?

2.  What are your fundamental doubts about the Christian Faith?

3.  What do you do with these doubts?




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