Road Trip Ponderings – food & community

As I am reading through the gospels I am continually struck by how many references there are to Jesus and his disciples eating. I am realizing what an integral part of Jesus’ ministry it was. He blessed people, was blessed by people, healed people and debated with people all over meals. It got me thinking how important meal times are and how they can serve to further relationship.

I am personally feeling challenged to do some things…

1.     Invite people over to share a meal. Not just the easy people, like family and close friends, but the people we don’t know as well.

2.     Make our family meal times meaningful and full of conversation that includes everyone. So often, our mealtime conversations are between Mark (my husband) and I completely leaving out the boys (ages 5 and 3). I want them to feel included and welcomed into our conversations.

Just some Road Trip ponderings.  I’d love your thoughts so feel free to share!

Jessica Brady | OneLife Community Church Elder


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