Prayer Request.02 – updated 5pm 2.15.12

Hi all,

If you missed the first 3 emails about prayer for Dennis Heida see the last 3 emails below.

Here is the the latest on Dennis [as of Friday February 17, 2012 5pm]

Here is the short version…  HE IS HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL

He showed a lot of improvement and the medications are doing their job so they let him go home and he can take his medication without an IV.  He feels and sounds a whole lot better and he’s very excited to be out of the hospital.  There still is a lot of swelling and healing so please continue to pray for complete healing, good rest, a quick recovery, and that he just takes it easy.

Thank you everyone for your continued faithful prayer.  Have a great weekend and we hope to see you on Sunday!

Grace and peace,



Hi all,

If you missed the first 2 emails about prayer for Dennis Heida see the last blog post below.

Here is the latest update on Dennis [Friday AM February 17th]

Well for days Dennis has not been able to sleep due to the pain, fever, and discomfort.  And on top of that he hasn’t been able to eat much due to the medication making him feel nauseous.  I could tell things were getting better for him, because at around midnight last night he texted me [in typical Dennis fashion] a picture of a giant pizza he ordered out for.  And a random video of a show he was watching on the tv in his room.  In other words his hunger and sense of humor were definitely getting back to form.

After talking to him this morning he said he’s been able to get some good sleep and eat which has made a huge difference.  He said that his Dr. would be coming by this afternoon to follow up on things and that there was a chance he may be able to go home today.  Praise God!

Thank you for your prayers and support!  Continue to pray for rest and for complete healing and for God’s continued provision for the entire family.  I’ll keep you posted as more information comes in.  Have a great Friday!

Grace and peace,



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