Prayer Request Updated

Hi all,

If you missed the first email about prayer for Dennis Heida see the original email below.

Here is the update on Dennis.

So today he went in because things were not getting better.  They decided to admit him and he is staying at the hospital overnight.  They wanted him to be getting his antibiotics via IV and to have consistent check ups to monitor him and make sure things don’t get worse.  Karen and the kids have been well cared for with rides, meals, etc.

Please pray that Dennis gets some good rest and that the symptoms decrease.  Once the antibiotics kick in and things show improvement he will be able to head home.  This can happen quickly or not.  We are asking for people to pray for complete healing.

Thanks for all the prayers.  The family is very appreciative of all the help, support, and prayers.  I’ll keep you posted with updates as they come.

Grace and peace,



Hello OneLife Friends & Family

This is Rich from OneLife Community Church blogging to you to ask for prayer for our Lead Pastor Dennis Heida…

The Heida family has had some bouts of illness around the house, and over tge weekend Dennis was feeling like he was getting a flu.  It first appeared as if it was getting better, but them Tuesday night he had very bad pain in his elbow which included a lot of swelling.  On Wednesday met into the ER because of fear of MRSA or a type of Staff Infection in his arms/joints.  After some time there they decided it was not in the joints [which is good] and sent him home with antibiotics designed to treat MRSA.  Unfortunately, last night the pain and swelling and fever got worse.  Today the he is going in at 1pm for more tests and to hear from the Dr. about what’s next.

We wanted you to be aware of this and to ask you all to pray for the Heida’s and particularly for healing for Dennis.  Overall they are being cared for and supported with meals, rides, etc.  Greg DiLoreto will be preaching this Sunday in order to allow Dennis to rest and get better.

Your prayers for healing is most appreciated.  If you have questions please feel free to contact me. I will keep you posted as more details come in.

Grace and peace,



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